Looking at Modular Homes? Consider Custom Built!

If you're in the market for a modular home, have you considered custom-built? Here are some of the reasons to consider a custom-built home by Emil Chernicky & Sons:

Money Matters

Many people mistakenly believe that a custom home is beyond their financial reach. Our custom home pricing is often the same or even less than similar modular home models. Contact us for details.

Did you know modular home sellers require you to pay for the entire cost of the home up front? While there may be special loans available to finance a modular home, some banks won't finance them at all.

Resale matters! Modular homes can carry some stigma, which can drive off potential buyers. Prefab homes may also be perceived as inferior, which can lower resale value.


Another thing to consider is that modular home buyers must already own land before purchasing their home. At Emil Chernicky & Sons, we are with our customers from the very beginning. We'll help you find the perfect property for your home and stand by you through the land purchase process. Once we've worked together to secure your lot, we'll take it from there. Modular home sellers may require their customers to be responsible for site prep, utility connection, permitting, etc-.


When a modular home is purchased, the home is divided into large sections which are fabricated and then trucked miles from the manufacturing site to the build site. Those large sections are then assembled. (Not to be confused with a mobile home or trailer.) Imagine the jostling and twisting of every screw and nail in your home as it trucks down the road! No one wants to deal with joint failure or leaks; our traditional building methods and attention to detail offer our customers peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

Your home can include a variety of engergy-saving options when you build with traditional methods. Modular homes are limited in what materials and methods can be used. For instance, while we can use foam insulation to create an extremely energy-efficient home, that's not an option at all in prefab homes. Traditional building methods afford their owners very energy-efficient homes; custom homes by Emil Chernicky & Sons have even undergone testing to ensure that's the case!


Did you know Emil Chernicky & Sons Builders can complete most custom builds within about four months?! That includes taking the time to customize your home to your exact wants and needs. Those options and changes don't delay traditional home construction the way they do a modular project.

Custom Options

We want your dreams to become a reality when you build your home! We are happy to customize your floor plan to meet your unique needs. Bring us a plan you love, or we will help to find one that works for you.

If you shop for a modular home, you'll find your options are limited. Changes to the floor plans or specs will entail fees and delays, as each change means costly alterations the prefab home manufacturing process....if they can be made at all. A custom home offers the freedom to make your ideas a reality.

Get Started

Our tried-and-true building process offers peace of mind to our buyers. Our quality is second to none, something we invite you to see for yourself by viewing one of our available properties. With affordable prices that can meet or even beat modular pricing, a custom built home by Emil Chernicky & Sons may be your best option.

Let's talk about how a custom home can meet your needs...contact us today!

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